National Strategic Export Plan 2003 - 2013
Within the framework of discussion for the development of the National Strategic Plan for Export (PENX) 2003 2013 four thematic areas were raised: Development of export supply, trade facilitation, development of target markets and develop an export culture. One of the objectives of PENX is to have a legal framework for the implementation of efficient mechanisms for trade facilitation, encourage the development of infrastructure and enable access and provision of physical and financial distribution services in better quality and price. The strategy to achieve easy to use administrative procedures and widely disseminated requires measures to be followed, such as:

• Simplify and standardize administrative procedures.
• Establish single windows for all procedures .
• Rationalize fees for public services.
• Spread existing facilitation mechanisms and any amendments, as well as cost-benefit impact among potential users.

UN / CEFACT In 2005 the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Commerce issued Recommendation 33, which calls on governments to implement Single Windows.

The development of a Single Window of Foreign Trade has been identified as a priority in the agenda of APEC trade facilitation. In 2006, work started to have a Strategic Plan whose vision is to achieve the interoperability of the Single Windows of member countries in 2015.